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tv   Headline News  RT  January 11, 2014 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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with innocent and guilty is not our job right here. uncaring merciless and shrouded in secrecy the guantanamo bay prison. with more than one hundred fifty inmates still held behind bars despite never being charged. they want to display a place that we can treat. however we want to whenever we want to take a look at the history of the facility as people across the u.s. join the protests demanding an end to the infamous prison. the white house wants of the risk of a war with iran if a law makers initiative to impose further sanctions goes through that's the number of senators backing the controversial proposal double's. israeli prime minister ariel sharon age of eighty five after eight is in
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a coma we look back at some of his legacy. and to hear him this is international with twenty four hours a day. the president turns twelve today and human rights activists have prepared a special way to mark the anniversary people across the u.s. have joined protests demanding an end to the infamous detention center something president obama promised long ago. looks at the controversial history of the facility. hidden on a tropical island a symbol of promises made being far from promises kept will leave an appalling black mark in the history books unless the people who advocate for its continued existence when and if they win then i. suppose that civilized values that america
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has will be gone forever twelve years ago the u.s. brought to guantanamo its first detainees of the war on terror the us and powerful sections in the ruling class of the us want a place that openly defied international law it's a decision that's been made and that they want to display a place that we can treat people however we want to whenever we want to the to be is poured into the bag scandal surrounding torture and force feeding mass hunger strikes of desperation and dozens of suicide attempts that hasn't been something that has been an issue since i have been here in a facility that has long stopped making sense if it ever did despite the rhetoric it really isn't about national security or prisoners being so dangerous that they can't possibly be released and therefore that can't be true out of seven hundred seventy nine hundred eighty s. held at guantanamo in these past twelve years only seven have been convicted and
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sentenced we have seen eleven prisoners released between august and december last year compared to just five men in the whole of the previous three years so it's movement but it would be unwise to think that you know we're nearly there there are hundred fifty five men still in guantanamo and seventy six of those men were cleared for release the u.s. struggling with what to do with them and then even bleaker future still ahead for the other seventy nine prisoners facing the abyss of indefinite detention. because they were somewhere somebody where the innocent or guilty is not our job right here after a majority of detainees went on. hunger strike last year obama's administration was pushed to make baby steps again marred by double standards and overlooking the law international treaty obligations mean that we shouldn't be sending people back to countries where they face the risk of a treatment of torture this followed in some cases but completely ignored in others
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two men were recently sent to algeria amid grave concerns of possible persecution on the ground the guy who was our client jamila bey as he. and his whole adult life basically in europe and in canada and there was really no reason why college educated guy was fluent in german and english and french and i should be sent home to tell a jury and probably trapped there unable to emigrate because of the stigma of kuantan the future of some of those released over the years even more questioned and increasingly grim as media claims surfaced that the cia might have reportedly been engaged in recruiting some of the prisoners as double agents in exchange for freedom our job here is to do the safe legal humane and transparent care and custody of the detainees while an alleged tug of war between the president's will to shut the prison and congress resisting this is officially used as an excuse to avoid simply closing the place down despite obama's personal promises to do so i think the only reason he can get away with that is by portraying it really as
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a credit mess you know as if this was somehow harder to do now than it was five years ago he was the president but politicians human rights organizations legal experts and common sense have long called the struggle of guantanamo prisoners but america's self-made mess of the last twelve years is already so hard to clean up that reasons to keep it around are likely to breed more anniversaries to come and stacy churkin on our team. as the guantanamo prison steps into its thirteenth year of existence washington's attempting to cut off the already tiny stream of information coming from there but snippets still occasionally leak out to his. the latest letter from shaka murder he's the last remaining british inmate at the site and he describes the humiliating search methods used by the prison administration and inmates are forced to undergo the procedure even if they want to talk to their lawyer some gods are pushing it even further searching inmates genitals medea
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benjamin co-founder of the code pink antiwar group says what's happening there amounts to psychological torture let's remember these people have been held now for twelve years imagine in your own life what twelve years would be like we received today a note from one of the prisoners shakur amr who is a citizen of britain has been cleared for release for years now and his know it was heartbreaking because he said that what he really misses most is having played a part in the lives of his children his youngest child was born on the day that he arrived in one town and he has never even seen his youngest child this is mental torture for these prisoners well in general the level of his now on annual day of action against the indefinite detention of the war on terror of prison and we'll be covering the protests as they build throughout the day and we'll have more on that
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for you later here on r.t. . the white house was harshly condemned a drive by u.s. lawmakers to impose further sanctions on iran over its nuclear program officials say such legislation would derail last year's historic deal with iran and could even drag washington into a war but despite the warnings from the administration the number of senators supporting fresh penalties has doubled what is more important has more on the growing internal bickering and where it could lead. it was just a few months ago inside the united nations headquarters where the presidents of iran and the us laid groundwork for new and positive diplomatic relations however the historic success achieved over the past four months may soon be significantly compromised if not destroyed by america's own lawmakers according to reports fifty nine u.s. senators are now bathgate a new package of unilateral sanctions aimed to increase pressure on iran for its
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nuclear program this means that the senate is just one vote away from the sixty needed to pass most legislation with the house of representatives which is already showing strong support for economic pressure against tehran according to reports the legislation would blacklist several iranian industrial sectors and threaten banks and companies around the world with being banned from the u.s. market if they help you want to export any more oil now the provisions would only take a fact if tehran violates the six month interim deal or lets it expire without a comprehensive nuclear agreement a us president barack obama has vowed to veto the bill if it makes it to congress but the problem is if the senate actually achieve sixty seven votes it could override a presidential veto the obama administration says additional economic restrictions could threaten a historic diplomatic opportunity with iran that's been cementing over the past few months let's remember in november world powers reached an interim deal with taking
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on over its nuclear program and negotiations on a final agreement are still underway not only will more sanctions compromise the success that's already been made but the white house says it will only timidly make a potential war with tehran all the more likely oddly enough at least sixteen democrats are supporting new sanctions and sadly if president obama's historic diplomatic. progress with iran comes crumbling down it will be due in part to members of his own party reporting from new york marina r.t. . said this is backing the new sanctions bill claim it will serve as an insurance policy in future nuclear talks but the policy director of the national iranian american council says all the initiative will do is undermine washington's role in and. they claim that this is not a violation of the interim deal it is
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a violation of the interim deal the deal says no new sanctions this imposes new sanctions there's a lot of word games being played but really it comes down to these senators don't want to see a deal they don't want to see a diplomatic solution they view this as their way or the highway either. iran completely capitulates potentially you have a regime change or something like that or the united states is going to go to war and i think that probably president obama and the u.s. negotiators would rather be focused on go sharing with iran to get a nuclear deal rather than having to negotiate with hardliners in the senate just to protect the nuclear deal that he's already achieved so he's in a very tough spot and i think this really undermines the position of the united states going into those negotiate negotiations because it conveys his message that the president is not in control of his own foreign policy and you can find out what agreements any new u.s. sanctions against iran would jeopardize or not website all the details of the
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nuclear deal struck with tehran in geneva. dot com. israel's former prime minister ariel sharon has died at the age of eighty five having spent eight years in a coma caused by a stroke one of the country's most iconic politicians and military leaders passed away just days after his condition worsened dramatically from the lebanon war to israel's disengagement from gaza sharon's years in politics were more pipe several historic decisions but what is likely to be remembered for by many israelis is the controversial issue of settlements in the west bank as artie's paulus leer now reports are real sharon cut a divisive figure between those who loved him and those who certainly didn't but all agree are real shavon was undoubtedly the father of the israeli settler movement under his guidance more than one hundred six moments were pulled from the gaza strip his motto to defend and preserve the jewish state. israel dar was
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a lifelong supporter of i will show born for twenty seven years he farmed spices and flowers in the former gaza settlement of getting a towel large. he was the builder of settlements even in ours he built twenty new homes just like he did in other places we saw him as the father of the settlers and he did so much for us. but in a half years ago israel his wife and three children were forced out of the gaza home along with eight thousand others his hero had become his enemy. of god i feel betrayed like a husband who walked into his home to find his wife with his neighbor sharon will most likely be praised as he should be but i would also like him to be remembered for all the things that are not so pleasant and which were critical to all of israel. for a long time champion of jewish settlements in the occupied territories came to believe they'd be more trouble than they were worth and because sharon was the one who built them it came as a shock that he was the one to destroy them at the end of the day he looks at them
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as instrumental for whatever needs he had at the moment when he thought that the settlers in the settlement movement were serving the needs of a stronger israel he supported them and he supported them more than anyone had but when he felt that they were no longer serving the needs of a strong israel then he turned against them so much so that was a total disengagement from gaza despite the anger it evoked among his supporters. to return as prime minister in fresh elections but in two thousand and five he suffered a stroke from which he never recovered after withdrawing from gaza sharon ruled out any further that unilateral withdrawal but the settlements he built continue to be a major sticking point in negotiations between israelis and palestinians policy our team television. live from moscow this is r.t. international with the twenty four hours a day coming up later in the program this chewing out european countries jump off the euro vision ship one. also.
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teach me.
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good knowledge represented russia at the u. revision song contest in twenty ten despite only coming eleventh he describes his participation as a major highlight which propelled him to new heights audience grew very very much many people to get to know us so they began to come to our concerts it was great. music experience because it was a concert on the great greatest. auditory that i could ever imagine. from drag queens to hellish creatures and some of europe's brightest talents one of the world's most watched t.v. programs the eurovision song contest brought fame to the likes of celine dion and julio iglesias however votes have not always been spread purely for it is to qualities say researchers from switzerland actually really shouldn't be nice in giving us a measure of species international relations or their feet your cohesion with
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european countries is measuring the society and its culture and then she's in french in what will be the market for this nation in twenty two and three weeks after angela merkel pushed for creation of the european financial stability facility to bail out collapsing economies a german teenager was crowned the euro vision's winner. but ironically it's the europe wide financial turmoil which is now threatening the whole existence of the contest in twenty eleven one financial turmoil was already raging in europe eurovision saw a peak participation of forty three countries next year poland and armenia withdrew from the contest in twenty thirteen they were joined by boss near turkey slovakia and portugal this time caray share serbia bulgaria and cyprus have also jumped off the eurovision ship. and that list could expand as many simply cannot afford to take part in the future circus that is euro vision like cyprus where roughly. every fifth person is unemployed i'm not an expert on the euro region and white woods
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happening i'm describing the situation in cyprus and i'm not surprised that this decision has been taken given the fact that there are. other domains i'm talking about health education culture the show's bosses say there's nothing to worry about we refresh the format and continued to do so whenever needed to keep the euro vision song contest the most popular pan-european entertainment t.v. show but at this rate of countries dropping out of the competition they would likely have to invent something new and very soon to keep europe's longest running song contest from losing its voice. reporting from moscow. not only is your vision been losing contestants its budget has also been on the decline this is planned cost is four times less than three years ago your vision is also lost both its significance and artistic value that's according to international affairs expert said as yet to live coverage. the euro vision song
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contest has become a political as well as cultural irrelevance became the nineties it suddenly became much more important in central and eastern europe than it used to be because many newly independent countries of the former yugoslavia and the former u.s.s.r. wanted to put their name on the panel so to say but for many many years in musical terms in there to stick terms it has been rather worthless compas and now days both politically and culturally its significance has declined so in a period of a story in a period when. modest resources have to be matched against almost unlimited requirements i believe that this decision was made by so many countries because they've concluded that your vision song contest simply does not matter. the moment
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china shapes up and ships out as it becomes the world's largest exporter of goods overtaking the us with more than four trillion dollars worth of trade crossing its borders take a look at the number crunching. and also learn what the president to be international ski federation brushes off scaremongering about the security situation. saying the games will be a sporting highlight. if not to roam in the thousands and certainly leave their mark each day myriads of birds block out the sun above the city and leave some hard to remove stains on the ground. reports on the scare tactics tallinn's are trying to use to keep the city's streets clean. rome one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world a popular destination for lovers art enthusiasts history addicts and.
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being with castles it all falls on top of cars boats and on pedestrians it's very slippery to get tons of complaints so. birds hundreds of thousands of starlings which migrate toward from the north every year making their mark as they go. over europe every year this same we're surrounded by a show. the city annually spends tens of thousands of euros tackling the flying menace is feces a special operation in itself ok if it's so dry it's very difficult to clean it off these birds are worse than vandals it's like they're angry with me personally.
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but the real mission takes place at sunset dressed in protective gear and armed with a loud hailer scientists storm the bird's favorite sleeping spots and this irritating noise is none other than a recording of other starlings making a sound which warns of approaching danger the goal is to scare the feathered foes to less populated areas. eg we took their idea from science books it works great but only for short periods of time. but even when they do manage to scare the birds usually they just move to other residential zones and always come back at sundown. of course is a good issue isn't the worst problem if you live in peace waiting to go see you. it may be a good idea to grab that. even if the forecast is will we. see
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rolled. in some other world news now members of the greek near nazi golden dawn party have gathered outside athens assessed against the questioning of the leader of the party and several other lawmakers have been arrested on charges of running a criminal organization last year twenty thirty in golden dawn was stripped of state funding by banning financial aid to political movements involved in criminal affairs. international organization for migration has begun evacuating thousands of foreign nationals from the violence played central african republic. between muslim and christian militias continue unabated despite the resignation of the country's self-proclaimed president more than a thousand have been killed since the beginning of the conflict last year. a protest in a spanish enclave in north africa has turned violent people most of them police officers were injured demonstrators were protesting the lack of jobs in the region and torched barricades in the streets for the forces they have put out and secured
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. a security measure to full well the debate raging in the u.k. after it was revealed the fingerprinting of students has become a usual practice in schools the store is called particular controversy after almost a third of schools collected the data without consulting parents or smith as details. gone are the days when the only time you'd be asked your fingerprints is if you were suspected of a crime nowadays they're starting them young at school to be precise research shows more than a million schoolchildren have been fingerprinted and their biometric data used to identify them for things like cash free lunches checking attendance what library books they're borrowing it is controversial the big brother watches particularly worried about schools having access to this information and the car particularly when it's been collected without parents' consent and absolutely so it seems that
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over a million children in a single academic had this information collected so i think it's really necessary for schools to be transparent especially when it's related to very sensitive personal information what's your solution and obviously parental consent should be sought how can we make sure for example of this data is discarded once children leave school well the first stage in terms of ensuring that the right procedures are taking place was updating the law to say that parents absolutely have a legal guarantee that their consent should be sought and also children have to be incorporated into the process as well you know you start the education process to teach them the importance of questioning went missing on information but also to understand just what's happening within the system in the school itself the figures show forty percent of secondary school pupils have been targeted and thirty one percent of schools didn't see parental consent so as they go back to school after the festive break children are handing over sensitive personal data in many cases
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not knowing that they're within their rights to refuse and big brother watches main concern that an entire generation of children will grow up conditions to think that's normal. well that brings up to date for the moment i'll be back with more for you in just over half an hour from the mean time max and stacy try to look at the future of cryptocurrency that is the cause a ripple stay with us for that. approximately sixteen percent of you imports came from illegal fishing. the european union is ironically taking fish from some of the poorest nations on earth so this is a very serious and very urgent problem that needs immediate international action.
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on the day enter our territorial waters they fish they load the fish on to the ships and leave for europe. to do illegal fishing just taking the bread out of our mouths. welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser because it has been voted the word of the
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year by the american dialect society after the humble conjunction exploded with new grad magical possibilities in twenty thirteen ben zimmer chair of the new words committee of the american dialect society said no longer does because have to be followed by of or cause now one often the c's tersely worded rationales like because science or because reasons you might not go to a party because tired america losing empire because lazy j.p. morgan paying yet another multi billion dollar fine because criminal yet another wedding party getting thrown because us about the department of justice losing faith in a valid bitcoin because concern troll the n.s.a. spying on every single person on earth because just because stacy yes max well we're first going to speak about this because concern troll. the department of justice has lost faith in the value of bitcoin so you know they hold dread pirate
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roberts while out of bitcoin worth something like one hundred twenty five million pounds in total between the two but they say that apparently the millions of dollars in between seized by the f.b.i. from ross albrecht and the first silk road currently stored in the set of online while it's appears to be on the move a source in the u.s. justice department said that authorities have access to the cache and may be selling it off for less volatile currencies in the next few weeks this is exactly how they run fed policy is that they don't actually know they're not going to sell it or they do sell it i'm a buyer i'll be willing to give them eighty million dollars today for their big coin cash f.b.i. we've got the money we're going to cut that check today please contact me we're a buyer we'll take your bit going but you won't be selling your bit going for the same reason you won't be selling any bonds over there the federal reserve bank you talk about tapering you.